Looking for injury claim solicitors for personal injury claims? Injury claim and compensation law changes from time to time. Therefore, only an injury  lawyer is in a position to offer you the help you need the most. You don’t know what the requirements are, how to proceed with claims and what will be outcome of your claim. Our team at AIHL offers a helping hand to every person who is seeking personal injury compensation. If you are the one who needs our help then we advise you to make a free of charge call to our helpline : 01494-522-533


A personal injury is either a physical injury, disease/illness or a psychological injury or illness. If you got any kind of  injury through a road accident or at work then you have full right to make a claim or file a complaint. You can make this claim within three years after the injury has happened.  If a person dies due to this kind of injury then his family members are able to make this claim for compensation against a person or an organization.  In simple words, if you had an accident or injury then you may be able to make a claim of personal injury against a company or a person  you believe is responsible for your injury and you can get compensation.


When it comes to injury compensation and claims, a person has a wide variety of questions in mind. Therefore, it is quite essential to understand the process.


If someone or some organization is responsible for your injury or accident, you can make a claim. But how you will do that? At AIHL, we have a personal injury claim form which you need to fill . This form requires you to add all possible details related to your personal injury. We will read your form and contact you shortly ( usually within 24 hour). Another option is submit your claim personally. You can visit AIHL Office anytime and consult with our people.

Step No.1  Claim letter

The first step he will take is to send claim letter to the person or company who is responsible (the defendant). This claim provides all the details of your claim.

Step No.2 Defendant Response

The defendant will respond to claim within given time period. They will either accept liability of claim or deny it.

Step No.3 Settlement

If the defendant accepts liability for claim then we will try to settle the matter out. We also ask you about your expectation for claim compensation. You need to make it clear for us whether you are ready to accept “Part 36 offer” or not.

Step No.4 Making an Offer

We will make an offer  to the defendant and if he responds reasonably to this offer then you will get your compensation as an agreed amount between both parties. You will get compensation accordingly and the case will be closed.

Step No.5 Legal Action

In case you don’t get fair amount as compensation from the defendant then you have a right to take this matter in the court.  Even when defendant say that they are  not liable for any kind of compensation then AIHL team may suggest you to take a legal action.


There are many lawyers out there who try to grab your attention by making false claims such as “Maximum Cash Rewards”  and “ Maximum amount of compensation”. AIHL is different  in every respect from its competitors, we comprises of  a team of Solicitors.  We don’t make false claims. We help you during each and every step of personal injury claim and compensation process. You can enjoy our free initial consultation just to know whether you have a justifiable claim or not anytime, anywhere.  Just dial 01494-522-533 and let us handle your personal lawsuits.