Here at AIHL we offer courtesy replacement vehicle services to our customers. When you are a victim of road accident and your vehicle is off the road, you will definitely need a replacement vehicle. It is really difficult to hire taxis or wait for public transport which can have a negative impact on your day to day routine.  In many cases, your insurance company offer you a replacement courtesy vehicle by charging you excess and affecting your No Claims Bonus. AIHL offers vehicles without you having to pay any excess as well as your No Claims Bonus does not get affected.


As far as AIHL is concerned, we offer you both free and premium courtesy car services. When your damaged car is under repair in our vehicle repair center. Our team will offer you a chance to select a courtesy car from a wide collection of standard, hybrid, sports and electric cars. If you need basic car mileage and services then we can cover the replacement ; else you can pick a car of your desire after a purchase. Either way you will get back to your work with great ease and comfort. There is no need to rely on taxis and public transport anymore when you have a golden opportunity in the form of courtesy car.


When your own vehicle is in our repair center, we provide you a replacement vehicle even when your insurance company doesn’t offer one. We know that how bad you feel without your vehicle. It is hard to do routine task and work. We will bring the comfort in your life back through vehicle replacement service during the period of your own vehicle repair.


At the same time, we will file a claim for vehicle repair against your insurance company. You need to prove that accident occurred due to some other person’s fault and you have got your vehicle insured. The rest of the claim case will be handled by us. We will make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

No need to go under stress after a non-fault accident; let us handle your vehicle repair and replacement job. We will help you get behind your wheels asap.